Your child has shut down.

He is behind in school and has no motivation to move forward, much less catch up. These first years of school were supposed to be laying a good, solid foundation for his education. The teacher is not implementing the accommodations he needs in school. She just doesn’t understand the way he learns. The teacher says it would be best for him to repeat this grade. Your child will be held back from moving on with his friends. He is devastated.

If this is you and your child, you have come to the right place. I have the secret to motivating your child. The tools with which I will equip him will give him the confidence he needs in school. With each session I will be rebuilding a rock solid foundation in reading and/or math skills that will cause him to stand strong throughout the rest of his educational journey.

This is not your typical homework help, part-time tutor, or a group of students being taught a cookie cutter curriculum at a learning center. I have the ability to adapt the lessons to your child’s way of learning. While the method I use is taught with fidelity, I can present the lesson in an engaging way. Sometimes a child will need more time with a certain concept. I have fun ways to repeat the same concept without it feeling like a drill.

It’s time to bring the joy back to learning.