The Benefits of Working with Me

  • One-on-one personalized instruction the entire session: Your child will not likely receive this at a learning center. I worked at a local learning center and there were three children at various grade levels working on different subjects with a different teacher each session. At Temple Tutoring your child will not have the distraction of other students at the table or even in the same room.


  • Strong, proven curriculum designed for struggling learners: My reading program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and designed for all students, including those with dyslexia. The math curriculum I use has been the standard for over 30 years of excellence and provides a firm foundation for higher math skills.


  • Bite-sized, game-oriented lessons: Learning centers have one set curriculum they use for each child, no matter how they learn. I adapt each lesson to the child’s needs. I present the lesson in incremental steps at their learning pace and style. Since we review through games it doesn’t feel monotonous but gives the repetition struggling students desperately need.


  • The ability to address foundational gaps: Instead of just moving on to the next lesson, I have the freedom to focus on those critical areas, such as phonological awareness and basic math facts, for as long as the child needs.


  • Narrow niche=laser focus: Since I specialize in Kindergarten through third-grade level students I am able to focus on exactly what young children need when they are struggling at these math and reading levels.


  • Over 10 different hands-on activities available: Learning centers use a program on a tablet or a set of worksheets with very few, if any, hands-on learning tools. Most young children do not look forward to sitting at a table after they have been sitting at a desk at school most of the day. I have a room full of activities that engage the child physically while they are learning.


  • Picture-based learning for the right-brained learner: In addition to all of these hands-on activities which are perfect for kids who need to move or have ADHD, I also have over 600 words that use pictures and movements to remember them. The multiplication tables are taught through stories, also.


  • My tutoring comes from a true passion, not just a career choice: I strongly believe that I was created to help young, struggling learners. I have dedicated countless hours to preparing each lesson and adapting it to each of my students, and I will continue to do so as long as I am able.


  • Why should you choose me over another private tutor? With choosing a random tutor online you never know what you might get. It might be possible to find that retired teacher with 25 years of experience or you might end up with a college student who just needs to make extra money. Either person you choose may not have experience working with dyslexic students like I do. If all of the above reasons aren’t enough to convince you, at least schedule a free appointment to come see the tutoring room and meet me. At the same time, I’ll assess your child to see at what level to begin the program.

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