Reading Program

The Temple Tutoring Reading Program is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension strategies. I have been through the comprehensive training to become an Orton-Gillingham Community Educator.

Using the OG procedure, I use the All About Reading Levels 1-4 material for the schedule of what concept to teach when. This curriculum includes hands-on activities to encourage fluency and delightful stories to accompany each new concept. This is a phonetic approach to reading and teaches your child each sound-letter combination in the English language. The lessons are given in incremental steps and are cumulative and mastery-based. Each lesson builds upon the next and review is essential.

Not only will your child learn when each letter (or letters) makes a particular sound they also learn all of the various spellings of each sound and the rules that guide them. The All About Spelling program teaches these concepts in a building block progression which is ideal for all children, including those with learning differences.

In an ideal setting, your child would learn all of the phonics and spelling rules at his own pace and only be presented with reading material with concepts which he has already learned. This is possible if you are homeschooling your child or allowing me to strictly tutor them in reading. Most children are in a public school setting and are expected to read at a certain grade level, though. Because of this and because there are words which are non-phonetic (not able to be sounded out) I also teach high-frequency words. I teach these words according to the Orton-Gillingham “red word” method which involves your child’s gross motor-concrete and fine motor skills-abstract.

I could talk to you all day about what I use here at Temple Tutoring, but I’ll give you just one more of my secret weapons I use to teach reading.  SnapWords are some of my favorite tools to use. My students love these cards and remember the sayings that go with them easily. These incredible cards have pictures and a hand-motions to accompany the words and are ideal for right-brained learners. I’ll send you an email and tell you what list your child is on and you can purchase that list to encourage fluency at home, too!

Mastering all of these concepts and developing fluency takes a great deal of time. It is a commitment on your part to bring them faithfully to tutoring each week. The students that make the best progress are those that attend two to three sessions per week. If this cannot be done you must commit to working with your child at home. For instance, you bring your child once per week to tutoring and I will teach the main concepts to him. I will also send an email with the exact materials you will need that week to review and master the concepts at home. You can choose to purchase as little or as much as you want, but the more activities you do the more fluently your child will read.

Just so you know, I am proud to be an affiliate of these materials because I believe in them and I do get a percentage if you were to use these links to purchase them.