“My daughter has been going to Mrs. Kerry since June 2016 for reading tutoring. We had tried different strategies both at home, school, tutoring, and reading camps without much improvement. My daughter was stressed and shutting down. She realized she was not making progress and started to give up. I google searched dyslexic tutoring and Temple, TX and found Mrs. Kerry. I was amazed at how quickly a bond formed between Mrs. Kerry and my daughter, and how quickly my daughter blossomed during her sessions. Her confidence started to return. She would enter Mrs Kerry’s classroom with a smile on her face excited about the games and exercises. Mrs. Kerry has created a curriculum for my daughter specifically that has challenged her and allowed her to develop a strong reading foundation while having fun. My daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions and continues to make progress. I am very thankful for finding Mrs. Kerry. My husband and I were at a loss on how to help our daughter.” -Amy W.

“Kerry Leise is a saint and a gift to our community! She began working with my son Alex when he was in kindergarten. We began to notice that Alex was becoming very frustrated with reading and would refuse to read aloud. Alex was having trouble keeping up with his classmates and his teacher was becoming concerned. After researching options for tutors, Mrs. Leise was the best fit for our family. She provided one-on-one lessons in the comfort and privacy of our own home. I cannot stress how convenient it was having her tutor Alex in our home. Mrs. Leise is dependable and trustworthy. She won over our affection very quickly and we have nothing but good things to say about Mrs. Leise. One thing that makes Mrs. Leise so effective is her “out of the box” teaching methods that are sure to keep any child engaged. Alex is now in first grade and is one of his teacher’s best readers. Now his teacher reports that he is outgoing and is always volunteering whenever it’s time to read aloud to the class. We owe it all to Mrs. Leise! Thank You Mrs. Leise!!” -Cecilia R.